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Some nights are better than others. Last night I surfaced for the second waking (1am) feeling catastrophically grumpy. Quite, quite cross and with a scratchy, tetchy headache that thumped from one side of my hemisphere to the other. Cold arms dragged me from the warmth of my bed, while Milo grumbled and did the jagged ah-ah-ah cry that seems designed to slice through sleep like a knife through butter. I was not best pleased – it had only been two hours since Milo’s last feed. But the funny thing is, some nights I don’t mind at all; I fairly spring out of bed to scoop up my son, feed him and get us both back into bed, and fall asleep within seconds. Tonight was not one of those nights. By 5am, the headache was pounding like some frantic German techno and my irritability had reached dangerous levels. I abandoned Milo to Simon (‘he’s fed, he’s changed – you deal with him’) and stomped off to the spare room in an impotent fury. I came to a few hours later just as Simon was leaving for work.

‘Sorry babe, I don’t know why I was so tired and grumpy last night,’ I said, rubbing my eyes in much the same way as Milo does.
‘Ooh, I don’t know why either. Do you think it has something to do with the fact that you’ve had nearly five months of broken sleep…?’
‘D’ya think?’
‘I think. You’re doing ever so well.’

And with that, Simon planted a kiss on my forehead, hopped down the stairs and left for work. I eyed Milo, bundled up into his bumper suit and snoring in his pushchair (where Simon had left him after walking baby and dog) and sighed. I may not have the patience of a saint but, honestly, I can’t be far off, can I?

[And if you’re wondering what this entry has to do with the location: nothing. I’m just sat here thinking things over, supping a cup of tea and waiting for the Craft Centre to open.]


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