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I’d just like to state, for the record, that I’m not a big fan of doughnuts. I don’t make a habit of hanging out in fast food establishments and I certainly don’t condone the consumption of nutritionally dubious foodstuffs.


I really don’t.

But I just happened to find myself in Krispy Kreme and it seemed rude not to sample the wares of this new gourmet experience. I was imagining great tottering piles of greasy doughnuts. In my mind, the shop staff would have matching waxy skin, the kind that’s so sickly white you wonder if they’re not part of some back-from-the-grave medical experiment. I thought customers would look both ways before going inside, lest someone they knew would see them, and that the doughnuts themselves would be slid into anonymous brown paper bags to protect the furtive customer’s dignity.

Clearly I don’t get out enough. Either that or I have an overactive imagination because, inside the real world version of KK, it’s all pod chairs and pseudo-sixties décor, cheery, chirpy staff and – get this – doughnuts that not only aren’t greasy – they aren’t half bad either.

Milo, of course, loved it (what doesn’t he love?). There was a paper hat he could smash to pieces (and then chew). There were pink pod chairs perfect for him to sit in. And there was a clutch of people he could grin and gurgle at. As for me, I savoured my cinnamon and apple doughnut. And then looked both ways before I walked outside.

Baby in a pod chair


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