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‘Now, the subject of this blog isn’t one I’d normally be interested in.’

Up on stage, Neil Sowerby gives the preamble to his announcement of the Blog of the Year Award.

I sit next to Simon, whose hand, until now resting calmly on my knee, starts twitching.

‘And the author didn’t have very good things to say about one of our City Life Food & Drink Award winners, Trof at the Deaf Institute, but we’ll put that aside for now.’

That’s odd, I think, because I had a grumble at Trof on my blog. Simon’s hand starts gripping and twitching my knee furiously. I am about to ask whether he thinks now is an appropriate time to check my reflexes when Neil Sowerby announces the winner.

It’s Travels with my Baby.

For once, I don’t know what to say. Neither does Milo, but at least he has an excuse: so far, he can only say ‘dat’ and ‘dada’. Actually, I do know what to say, and it’s this: thank you.

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